What to do when you accidentally scratch someones car and you're not on the insurance of the car you were driving?

Asked almost 2 years ago - Roswell, GA

so I somehow managed to scratch someones car while making a right turn. It was such a small dent. I got a failure to maintain lane ticket and am so worried about it. I have a learners permit and was driving my dads car and he was their when it happened. I am 22. will I go to jail because I was driving someones car and not on their insurance? My dad is about to add me on his insurance now. But can i get my license suspended due to this?

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No one got hurt.

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    Answered . As a permissive, licensed driver, you will be covered by the insurance on the vehicle. In fact, so long as you have a valid drivers license and drive any vehicle with the permission of the owner, you will be insured under that vehicle's insurance policy. Therefore, the only consequences that will come of this will likely be the citation and any fine associated with it.
    The advantage of adding you to your father's insurance policy as a named insured, will be that in the event you're driving a vehicle not listed on the policy it will provide you with additional liability coverage if you cause another accident.

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    Answered . You're going to have to pay for the damage. Additionally, you may get charged with no insurance, which could cause a license suspension, hefty fines (and although rare, possible jail). Whomever let you drive could also be charged with allowing you to drive without insurance and face the same penalties. Getting a lawyer now may minimize the problem, as will paying the damages.

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    Answered . Likely not. There may be some ramifications for your license but not jail. Ultimately you will have to pay for the damage. Best of luck

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    Answered . Report it to your dad's insurance company to resolve.

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    Answered . You will have to pay for the damage but based on those facts you will not be going to jail.

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