What to do in court for a DMV hold on license for Failure to Appear?

I received a fix it ticket that had a court date in December but completely forgot to go. I got two letters in the mail explaining that there was a hold on my license due to the failure to appear and that it would be suspended if I didn't take care of the matter. I went to the LA traffic court house and purchased a DMV abstract to get the hold off of my license before it got suspended and reset a court date for August. I have been stopped twice by police (never ticketed) and didn't go through any trouble due to the hold or anything else so I figure I just have to go to my new court date. I was wondering what would happen in court, I no longer own the car that the ticket was issued to and have the paperwork from the dealership since it was a trade in. Also, does the FTA matter now? Thanks.

South Pasadena, CA -

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David Jon Pullman

David Jon Pullman

Criminal Defense Attorney - San Rafael, CA

Usually, if you show up to court, the judge will dismiss the FTA. You should explain your situation and ask that it be dismissed. Best of luck to you.

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