What to do if your attorney appears to be more interested in accommodating the wishes of the adversary rather than yours.

Asked 4 months ago - Newark, NJ

Attorney not providing me with the best legal advise in order to give me an edge in the matter. I have a child support case from NY that needs to be closed, ( wasn't able to close the case in NY, since none of the parties live in NY any longer(mother had custody - moved to FL in 2013) - I now have custody(2013), but lived in NJ since 2006). I still haven't received concrete legal advise on the matter.

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  1. William J Popovich

    Contributor Level 17

    Answered . You should be comfortable with your attorney. However, the attorney is your attorney but for some legal issues he is required to take other considerations in addition to yours - child issues do represent that sort of issue. This is why divorce lawyers cannot take a case on contingency of a result - as an agent of the court he is also required to act in the best interest of your children.
    So if you received advice that is not to your liking, don't you think the lawyer would RATHER give you advice you want rather than advice you don't?
    But again, if you are not comfortable you are free to seek other advice (but not while you have an attorney already, we cannot help then).

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  2. Tara Candela RN

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    Answered . You are free to find a new attorney. Just because the attorney is not giving you advice you wish to hear, you may be getting good "legal" advice. If you feel you have communication issues, you may be best to seek alternate legal assistance. Be aware that your current attorney will reasonably expect to be compensated for time already spent. Try discussing your concerns with your attorney first.

  3. Daniel Lee O'Neil

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    Answered . Discuss the situation with your attorney, let them know you are displeased with the customer service and see if that can be remedied. If the attorney-client relationship is broken beyond repair then find a new lawyer - start with the avvo lawyer search to find some local practitioners you think might represent your interests better.

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  4. Anthony Bettencourt Cameron

    Contributor Level 16

    Answered . Many clients have trouble discerning style from substance, a very polite, even deferential lawyer can still be a great advocate. Clients often want see scrappy behavior. Talk to your attorney and be kind but candid. You owe it to yourself to review your open apprehension.

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