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What to do if you were picked up under a warrant for missing a court date but were never issued a court date.

Petal, MS |

I have 3 warrants out for my arrest but did not know about any of them. I was told I missed a court date but I was never issued a court date. If I did not know about the court date how could I miss it. The police said they had the write to seach the house with just warrants. I though they had to have a search warrant to search a house.

One warrant is not being able to finish the damage from katrina (hurricane). I came home to a destroyed home and second house(shed). It was bought when I was over seas. I never saw it before the damage so I do not know what it looked like before. I have even asked the4 mayor to come over to get it in code. The insurance gavr the money to the bank and the bank want release any more money to fix it. I am being charged with storing vehicles. I am not storing vehicles they were left here when my step son went to work on a tugboat. I do not have keys for them. The batteries have been stolen. etc

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There are various reasons you may not have known about the court dates and the subsequent warrants. With regards to the search, I would need more information. Normally, officers do need a search warrant to search your house. However, the officers would have the right to search your immediate vicinity when they arrested you without a search warrant of your house. "Immediate vicinity" can be interpreted in several ways though. If they searched through the whole house in locations you could not possibly get to reasonably quickly at the time of your arrest and some sort of illegal contraband was found, then you might have grounds to suppress that evidence. If nothing illegal found, then there is nothing to suppress. As you can see, there are a lot of legal issues so it is best to contact an attorney in your area. Good luck.

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