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What to do if my US passport is taken from me by a US consulate abroad?

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I am in Thailand. My passport was taken from me because of a court case I was unaware of that occurred 5 years ago while trying to renew it. I now have no form of ID what so ever. Which I have heard is illegal as well in Thailand. I am also unable to get access to any money now as well since I have no form of ID. Do I have any options??? thanks

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  1. This is not an immigration law question.

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  2. Nothing to do with immigration.

  3. This is only sort-of a US Immigration law question.

    I suggest you hire a US licensed attorney in Thailand.

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  4. This is not a US immigration question and I know nothing about why they took your passport, nevertheless I will take a shot at this and suggest that perhaps a US relative can contact the US Department of State in Washington DC and inquire? they have authority over all the US embassies. I would look for an email address on their website.

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