What to do if i have an arrest warrant for contempt of court for a traffic ticket in the state of new jersey

Asked about 3 years ago - Perth Amboy, NJ

I don't have money for either the bail or tickets especially not a lawyer

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  1. Mark M Cheser


    Contributor Level 20

    Answered . More information is needed. The warrant likely issued for failure to appear. Call the court and find out for sure. The court usually puts a bail amount on the warrant. You are in a difficult situation because as soon as you appear they will arrest you. An attorney could work this out but you say you cannot afford one and a PD will not be assigned until you go to court and speak to the Judge. Ask the court administrator for ways to proceed. Perth Amboy has been very reasonable in the past but I do not know if you are not an attorney. Call there, they may be able to get you before the Judge and you can explain what happened. It may or may not work. Sorry I cannot be of more help.

  2. James Alexander Abate


    Contributor Level 17

    Answered . As usual, Mr. Cheser has provided excellent advice and you would be wise to take it. I do not mean to make the situation sound dire, but be forewarned that the police routinely scan plates and you are at a serious risk of being arrested. I agree that it would be best for you to retain an attorney to work things out with the court. You would be wise to contact one of the attorneys on this board and see if some arrangement can be made so that your warrant can be withdrawn. the court will also work with you to come up with a payment plan for the tickets.

  3. Thomas Carroll Blauvelt


    Contributor Level 16

    Answered . If you are in contempt for failure to make your time payments then you need to contact the court to reinstate your payment plan. If you are in contempt for missing court, then you may want to hire an attorney to see if the arrest warrant can be recalled without the need for bail. Otherwise bail must be posted so that the matter may be restored to its pre-plea posture.

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