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What to do if being bullied and sexual harrassed at work from supervisor?

Chicago, IL |

Was questioned about my sexuality,calls to cell phone from supervisor asking unessisary questions.sexul comments made,brushed against,had one on one with supervisor and told him I do not like the comments please stop, hours was cut and days was increased with an employee that bullied me.i am now being stared at while working ,was leaving an heard my supervisor tell other employees that another employee wanted to have a violent confrontation with me.

Work at mentally challenge work place where supervisor has threaten the residents that they will not eat on his clock,verbal abuse,some residents are denied lunch or dinner,I reported him to the union they want me to write a I do it? And yes I have witnesses who r willing to come forth.when sitting one on one with supervisor about a personal matter the next day the whole department knew everything.

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    Sounds like you did the right thing by complaining. It also sounds like you've been harassed and retaliated against for making your complaint. I recommend you seek out an experienced employment lawyer ASAP. Most of us, myself included, will provide a free consultation.

    This answer is provided for informational purposes only and should not be relied on as legal advice. You should be aware that no attorney-client relationship is established through this answer and none will be established without a personal consultation and the signing of an engagement agreement.

  2. Get into the HR and make a report. Get this series of incidents on record.

  3. Speak to management (over your supervisor's head) or HR right away. It sounds like this supervisor is abusive to employees and clients alike. That sort of conduct should not be tolerated.

  4. I do not see the downside to writing the letter your union requests, but you should also talk to the management or owners of your company. You should also contact an employment rights attorney.

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