What to do if 3 police detectives show up at my house and i answered the door? they harassed me saying that "i did it"?

Asked almost 2 years ago - San Diego, CA

Today 5/2/13 at 8 am, 3 police detectives showed up at my house. i answered the door and they wanted to talk to me. They said " am not arrested yet" but they ask me a few questions saying that if i liked this girl i replied with " no, i dont like her" is it bad?? They also said that it looked like she broke my heart and thats why i did what i did which was destruction of property. they told me i caused $10,000 worth of damages... I respond to a few questions they ask me, but then i said " i dont feel like talking to you right now" They told me whats better for me to talk no or at the station when am under arres? they gave me there business card... can i get arrested?

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    Answered . Do not talk to the police anymore. If they want to arrest you, they will. Then stay quiet and demand an attorney. They are trying to get information to make an arrest. If it was such a strong case, you would have already been arrested. It is not harrassment if the cops are trying to investigate a case. That's what they do - question people in trying to figure out what happened.

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    Answered . Just don't say another word to them or any other law enforcement agent without having your attorney present. Also, I've added a "Criminal Defense" tag to your post for additional exposure.

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    Answered . I agree with my colleague: say nothing without an attorney present representing you.

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    Answered . Stop talking to the police. Stop talking to and hiring a quality locally experienced criminal defense attorney.

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    Answered . Nothing good comes from talking to law enforcement where you may be their focus.

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