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What Texas agencies can see an expunged class c misd deferred, as a juvenile, record?

Dallas, TX |

More importantly can the Texas Board of Nursing see this? Also, before it was expunged, is it possible that this information was sold to private background check companies? Thanks.

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    My firm specializes in dealing with both criminal law and the nursing board. If the case was properly expunged, then there should be no record. You should contact an attorney to look into the situation. Feel free to contact my firm for a free initial consultation.

  2. If it is expunged, then no agency or employer can see it, including government agencies and private employers.

    Nicole Knox's answer to a legal question on Avvo does not establish an attorney-client relationship. Call Ms. Knox at 214-653-8888 to set up a free consultation and/or visit her website at to learn more about Ms. Knox and her practice.

  3. Nicole is right that they should not be able to see it. Sometimes clerks and agencies make mistakes and don't always communicate as well as they should meaning your charge could still be visible when the nursing agency conducts it's search. The Nursing Board should not be able to see your juvenile charge on your record, but if they do you should look into contacting the attorney that handled your expunction and make sure everything gets taken care of.

  4. One last thing . . . sometimes licensing agencies want to know about EVERYTHING in an applicant's criminal history background, expunged or not. I agree you should consult with a lawyer familiar with the licensing board, their practices, and their prejudices. I remember applying for membership in the Texas State Bar . . . they wanted to know about every contact I ever had with the police.

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