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What takes place at a criminal bail revocation hearing in Tennessee? I want to know what evidence my defense just put on.

Maryville, TN |

I was out on bail for a drug charge for 17 months pending trial. The police sent another CI to my home, who I presumed was a friend of mine. 2 months later I am arrested. My bond was doubled the normal amount. 3 months later at my plea hearing I plead not guilty and my lawyer came to me with a ridiculous plea bargain from the DA. I told the court app attorney if that was the best they could do I needed to hire my own attorney. She told the DA I was going to hire another attorney to delay, DA filed a bond revocation. The DA waited exactly 4 months to file this motion and only did it after I hired a good attorney. I assumed the fact that I was out on bail at the time of the new charges is why my bond was doubled. What should I expect at this hearing? Does this happen a lot in Tennessee

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  1. If you have a new attorney ask him.

  2. Ask the attorney you are paying for.

    "Nothing in this communication is meant to establish an attorney-client relationship. The information is provided for educational purposes only. No action will be taken on your behalf unless you have have hired me and entered into a written retainer agreement. I am only licensed in Tennessee and I suggest contacting an attorney in your specific city and state as soon as possible to avoid any statute of limitations deadlines, if applicable."

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