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What stock brokers handle 10b-5-1 PLANS


Mamaroneck, NY -

Attorney Answers (3)

Robert V Cornish Jr.

Robert V Cornish Jr.

Business Attorney - Washington, DC

If you think a brokerage firm can simply create one of these with some pre-packaged forms, think again. You will need a good securities attorney to put things together and negotiate with your company's transfer agent (who in most cases handles such things).

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Adam Troy Savett

Adam Troy Savett

Class Action Attorney - El Segundo, CA

Are you looking for someone to create a plan, or simply wondering what broker can handle trades in an existing plan?

If you need to create a plan, then you will need an experienced securities attorney.

If you need a broker to handle trades in an existing plan, then your plan likely has a chosen firm or broker to handle the administration of your plan. Look at the documents given to you by your firm with regard to your stock or option grants.

Pamela Koslyn

Pamela Koslyn

Business Attorney - Los Angeles, CA

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