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What steps do I need to take when dealing with Asset Acceptance? I was an authorized user on the acct.

Danville, CA |

The account is six years + old. As of Jan 2013, they are reporting my account to Equifax, with 120 days late payments. I do not have any agreement with them to pay. The balance changed from $10k + to $9442.

I have requested debt validation since Jan 2013, All I get is a debt settlement letters.

As a result of their actions. They report an OPEN acct to Equifax my recent late payment history, and my score dropped about 80 points, and my score is about 500+. This acct is nearing the 7 year mark.

They have reported to Experian, and TransUnion as a debt buyer, or collection account, and does not affect my score. The amt they report to both CRA's is over $10K. This info was reported as of 5/2013.

pls help.

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An "authorized user" is not contractually liable on a credit card account. You did not sign an application or a credit card agreement. Also, the debt may be barred by the Statute of Limitations (unless you send them a payment, which will re-start the SOL and may be a basis for them to argue that by paying on the account, you accepted responsibility.

You have two types of issues. First is their violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Secondly, is the way that they are reporting the account to the credit reporting agencies. In order to take action on either of these, you should, first of all, consult an attorney.

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