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What steps do I need to take to collect current and arrears (over $50,000) in child support?

Saint Petersburg, FL |

My ex-husband skipped out on child support but was found when I had to apply for food stamps. The company he worked for (once found) did not always deduct support from his paycheck. He has been fired and claims to have no income at all now.

He is over $50,000 in arrears, increasing $200 weekly. He is in CA and we are in FL. Original documents in FL. CA got involved when he was found. He has not filed anything to decrease his payment and did not file his address with CA. No one is doing anything to collect any of the support.

Where do I go to find him and get support payments enforced? He was given a severance package but HR did not take support out of that nor did they send money from his final paycheck.

I cannot afford an attorney. What can I do

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Contact the Florida Department of Revenue they can help you collect support.

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