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What state should I move to if I have two strikes

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Also do I get life if I get a drug felony or dui

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  1. Your question is too vague. What kind of drug felony? Too vague

    Elliot Zarabi 213-612-7720 This answer does not constitute full legal advise. I do not know the full details of the case and therefore cannot make a full determination on your case or your answer. I always recommend speaking to an attorney in detail regarding your case.

  2. Why do you think you need to move?

    I will be happy to speak with you at no cost with a FREE phone consultation if you have a San Diego or California matter. Please call my office at 619-238-1905 or visit my website at

  3. If you are currently not under arrest and have balanced the books on your first two strikes, I would consider living in a FOREIGN COUNTRY with a low tax rate. Currently California's top rate is about 50-55%, compared to Mexico's 30%. Other countries may have tax rates that are much smaller.

    You can make more money overseas and pay less U.S. Tax.
    Always consider the tax at least one factor in your equation.

    Curt Harrington Patent & Tax Law Attorney Certified Tax Specialist by the California Board of Legal Specialization PATENTAX.COM This communication is general information and not legal advice, and does not create an attorney-client relationship. This communication should not be relied upon as any type of legal advice. Please note that no attorney-client relationship exists between the sender and the recipient of this message in the absence of either (1) a signed fee contract and (2) remission of an agreed-upon retainer. Absent such an agreement and retainer, I am not engaged by you as an attorney, nor is any other member of my law firm.

  4. The following states have three strike laws: Texas, Washington, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Indiana, Kansas, Maryland, New Mexico, North Carolina, Virginia, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Georgia, Arkansas, Florida, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Utah, Vermont, Arizona, Massachusetts
    This doesn't mean that if you move to a non three strike state you can use drugs (drug felony) or drink and drive (DUI) without incurring serious custody time. The US has the highest per capita incarceration rate in the world. Defense attorneys generally benefit from this prison industrial complex but ex-convicts must always look over their shoulders. With the prism program and others like it, you likely will have little freedom in the near future. Good luck

  5. Same question, same answer. See all the other answers to the questions you have REPEATEDLY asked.

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