What situations can cause someone to get denied a green card?

We have a relative who was involved in very minor crimes as a child, and are wondering if this will prevent him from getting a green card. .

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Carl Michael Shusterman

Carl Michael Shusterman

Immigration Attorney - Los Angeles, CA

Please see

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Khaja M. Din

Khaja M. Din

Immigration Attorney - Chicago, IL

There are many crimes that fall under "crimes involving moral turpitude or CIMT". These crimes MAY get a person barred from an immigration benefit. Having said that, there are many exceptions to these CIMT. Please consult an immigration attorney you trust.


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Neil Ian Fleischer

Neil Ian Fleischer

Immigration Attorney - Cincinnati, OH

There are too many to list. Consult an attorney to see. Many juvenile convictions will not be considered IF , in fact they are juvenile convictions.

Make sure to obtain the entire record.. minor crimes or not

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