What should you get an undergraduate degree major in if you want to be a family lawyer one that will help in law school & on job

Asked over 2 years ago - Lansing, MI

please don't say any major i want to major in something that will help in law school & on the job. also a major that most colleges have

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  1. Christine Marie Heckler

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    Answered . First, I think you should research a little more about the legal job market. Right now the profession is in a depression. In fact several law schools are being sued by recent graduates who claim that the schools' employment statistics were inflated. However, things may improve by time you are ready to enter the field.

    As for choosing a major, I recommend against political science (which was my major). It is not particularly useful and it is overly common. I think I might have benefited in my family law practice from an undergraduate degree in social work or psychology. Taxation and accounting would also be useful. All divorces boil down to emotional baggage, money, and sometimes children.

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  2. Adam Gregory Masserang

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    Answered . There is no specific major for pre-law, if you're dead set on becoming a particular type of attorney, choose a major based on the type of knowledge that will help you in that field, for example if you were looking to be a patent lawyer you might choose engineering.

    That said, review the current legal employment market. A tremendous number of recent law school graduates cannot find legal work; the statistics that most law school give are inflated or disingenuous. A number of law school are currently being sued for fraud over this issue (see link below). Make sure that it is what you really want to do. If you're in college right now, try to find a summer position working for an attorney to see what it is like (paid internships are getting rarer, so you may have to volunteer your time).

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  3. Steven Arnold Heisler


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    Answered . I see you are from Lansing. One of the top law schools in the country has a campus in Lansing. You might want to check out www.cooley.edu. Also as to what area for an undergrad it depends on if you want to work for someone or yourself. If yourself, I suggest business. If working for someone else, it is much harder to say.

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  4. Stephen L. Redisch

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    Answered . A degree in psychology or social work would be helpful. Frequently, family law situations require counseling as a part of the legal process. It would be helpful to not only know and understand the legal issues but to also understand the family dynamics involved in these situations.

  5. Dave Bahr

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    Answered . There is not a specific "pre-law" major. Many chose poli-science. I majored in philosophy. English or something involving a lot of writing could be useful. There is no one "best" major. Family law can involve many different areas of concern; the interests of children to tax law. There is not a particular area I would recommend above another.

    More important is to make your college experience a fulfilling one and to follow your passions. The rest will take care of itself. Good luck.

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