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What should you do if there were a misunderstanding in age of consent? How do you "unfold" the misunderstanding?

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for example, a girl is younger than the man, he's turning into adult while she still a teen( not 16). they didn't have sex but a misunderstood going on and one person go report it "without knowing the actual detail" and then there were thing going on etc... how are you going to proof your point using the law?

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You need to make your question a lot more clearer and actually come out and ask what is on your mind. Right now, your "question" above is as clear as mud.

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You have the opportunity here to ask for free advise from a limitless number of attorneys both in Kentucky as well as nationally while being completely anonymous. Why not utilize this and ask the question with detail (not identifiers) so that we can actually give you a useful answer.

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