What should we expect/recieve from our Workman comp atty?

Asked almost 2 years ago - Roseville, CA

INjured 2 years ago, hip surgery 1 year ago, unable to work, no income, denied SS... Need INFORMATION!!

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    Answered . Since you have a workers compensation attorney you should direct all your question to that attorney. If you are not receiving that information request an immediate face to face meeting to discuss all your questions & concerns. It would not be proper to second guess your attorney since that attorney is familiar with the facts of your injury & disability. Good luck

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    Answered . You should expect that your wc lawyer will explain everything to you, and if he doesn't, schedule a sit-down meeting with him.

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    Answered . You should be getting temp disability if this is a work comp case. Contact your atty.

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    Answered . In all cases, you have to prove you sustained an injury arising out of and in the course of employment. Once you prove that you have to prove that you're entitled to payments and medical treatment. You and your attorney should discuss how to prove these things. As for social security, that's separate from workers comp and you can appeal.

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    Answered . What exactly happened to you? Please explain.

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