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What should I say or not say to Personal Injury Adjusters if NO lawyers are willing to take my case?

Moreno Valley, CA |

I have talked to several lawyers on AVVO and locally. No one is willing to take my case regarding a Trip and Fall. Apparently claim is too small. Patient suffered brusies and laceration to hand. Patient has medicare/medicade. NEED ADVICE ON HOW TO DEAL WITH THE INSURANCE ADJUSTERS, IF NO LAWYERS ARE WILLING TO HELP.

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It's hard to give an opinion without knowing the facts. The lawyers you spoke to may think the case is too small to take OR they may think that you don't even have a case (because you can't prove that somebody else's at fault for your fall). Assuming you do have a case, I would tell the claims adjuster that you want to gather your medical bills and reports and that you will submit them to him/her. You'll actually have to get records of your treatment from the Dr. and/or hospital. When you submit them to the claims adjuster, let them know you want your medical bills to be paid PLUS something for pain and suffering and/or a possible score on your hand. You WILL have to reimburse Medicare/Medicaid. One other tip. Do not agree to give a written or recorded statement to the claims adjuster

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Wendy Ha Chau

Wendy Ha Chau


Also, you might want to state that you will take legal action if this is not resolved (legal action can mean taking to small claims or get an attorney to sue for your, etc. but you don't need to tell them that in details). Give a reasonable amount of time. Usually that scares them in to being more attentive and willingly to negotiable a settlement offer.


It is hard to say without knowing the background to your case. I would suggest browsing Avvos list of attorneys in your area to see if an attorney will take your case.

Jim Magazine

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I agree with Mr. Heslin's advice. You should contact the adjuster with the relevant medical records and what you want to be compensated for. I hope you found my response helpful.

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