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What should I expect for non-compliance for VASAP after 1st DUI with a restricted license?

Alexandria, VA |

After personal and financial issues, I did not enter VASAP right away. When I tried, I was turned away at the ASAP office and was told it was bounced back to court. I went to my court date for non-compliance and told the judge that I did go to the office to enroll. He suggested I get a lawyer and continued the case. I did get him to allow me to enroll in ASAP. I start classes next week and am also caught up on my fees. I really cannot afford a lawyer but do not qualify for a court appointed one.
I am wondering what to expect if I go into court having completed ASAP requirements without a lawyer. What would be the difference with or without? I only got one quote of $1500 but was hoping it would be possible it would be less. I also go to AA meetings and do not drink.

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You did not include the conditions and sentence on your first DUI charge. Without knowing that it is no possible to give you a good picture of what to expect. Also, it would be important to know if you are going to be completing ASAP by your next court date. However, you most likely have suspended jail time and possibly suspended costs from the conviction. My best advice is to hire an attorney to come to court with you; having an attorney who knows the judge/commonwealth/system could be the difference between receiving part or all of your suspended time and obtaining a dismissal of the show cause.
Perhaps you should call around a bit more. This type of issue could be handled for less than 1500 depending on the attorney, their schedule, ect.
Good luck and congratuations on you sobriety.

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