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What should I expect as a consequence for underage drinking?

Goodyear, AZ |

I'm 20 years old, my friend was driving my car when we got into a fender bender. When the cop arrived, he breathalyzed me but said it would not go against me and I blew a .037. I did not know I could refuse. He gave me a ticket ARS 4-244.9 and in the description it said under 21 with alcohol in body. Based on me pretty much googling the violation code, I understand that the 4-244.9 is for possession of alcohol and 4-244.4 is for having alcohol in your system. The one I got is a class 1 misdemeanor while the other is a class 2. I'm just wondering if there is any way I could fight that or if I am incorrect about the coding and whether or not it matters since in the description it did say "under 21 with alcohol in body". Also, this is my first offense for anything, what should I expect?

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The discrepency (if it is one) in the charging document will have no impact on the case or its outcome. Charges/Complaints can generally be amended at any time. You should directly consult a lawyer to assist you in court.

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