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What should I do to work toward sanctioning plaintiff for their failure to respond to discovery, or having the suit dismissed?

Buffalo, NY |
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State: New York
County: Erie

It's been 9 days since 20 business days have passed since I sent my interrogatories demand to the attorney that has been retained to sue me. I responded to his demand promptly and I have not been shown the same courtesy. I have contacted his office asking why it is so delinquent and all I was told was that he will contact me. When I asked when the lady didn't know.

A little background information. I am being sued by an accountant I've never used personally, only for my business. The account prepared my personal taxes without my authorization and is now trying to get me to pay for something I didn't agree to and never received any services from. I sent my reply to the demands by certified mail and have the receipt.

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    I realize this is frustrating but moving for sanctions this early will only irritate the judge. Put a letter together and advise your opponent that you are trying to make good faith efforts to avoid unnecessary motion practice. If a few more weeks to by without any communication, then I would make the motion.

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  2. I agree with my colleague. Write a letter and send it to the lawyer advising him that if he does not reply within 10 days, that you will bring a motion for sanctions. The fact that you've written the letter before bringing a motion will go a long ways towards ensuring that the judge gets irritated at the other side, rather than getting irritated with you.

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  3. You need to serve a Good Faith Letter. Has there been a preliminary conference? Without a court order, dismissal and sanactions are not going to happen.

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