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What should I do or say at my upcoming status quo hearing?

Davis, CA |

I have been unable to find representation for my custody case I'm coming up on my court date so I'm going to be solo. Any advice on how i should handle this? My ex's attny said I could just sign the status quo form in the pw I was served & get it to them by the day before the court date & then I won't need to have the hearing.

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Your question is too broad to answer. Did you mean status conference? That's what they call it in family law court and it sounds like a custody case. As to h ow to conduct yourself at the hearing, certainly be polite although I don't know what the issues are in your case and to address a judge as to those issues you would have to consult with a lawyer. This isn't an Avvo question No responsible lawyer can advise you in this instance.

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