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What should I do next?

Walnut, MS |

I was involved in a car accident a month and half ago I was not at fault. I made a claim with the at fault person insurance. They denied my claim but said if I had a disinterested witness it could be appealed. On yesterday, a witness to my accident came forward about my accident, stating the actual event and named the at fault person. On today, he brought me a notarized letter with his statement on it. I just need to know what to do next.....

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The fact that you needed to get a statement from a witness indicates that the police were probably not called. That said, if you suffered personal injuries then it is time to talk with a personal injury attorney ASAP because things are not to going to get any better for you. If you just suffered property damage then see what they offer you before weighing a potential small claims case. Most personal injury attorneys do not handle property damage only cases.

Goo luck.

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Get a lawyer! The insurance company will do everything it can to not pay claims. Collect up your papers (accident report, police report, medical bills/chart notes, car repair estimates and go find an attorney in your area.

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If you were injured, get a personal injury lawyer to handle everything


It's time to strongly consider retaining a local area personal injury attorney. Most offer a free initial consultation, so talk to a couple and then choose one that is experienced and you feel comfortable with. Best of luck.

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People try to handle this themselves all the time and never get what they are entitled to get. Go see a lawyer immediately and let them guide you.

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