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What should I do my ex threw away important documents

Burns, OR |
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Me and my ex just recently broke up and he claims he threw everything away including my ID my social security card and my birth certificate is even legal and what should I do about it

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The simplest solution, if he indeed threw your documents away, is to get new documents. That doesn't address the anger and frustration you must feel about it, but it certainly is the simplest. It will cost you a few bucks for the replacements, but it will be much cheaper than hiring a lawyer to sue him. Alternatively, you could contact the police and see if they are willing to take a report. Maybe they would charge him criminally. If law enforcement is unwilling to charge him, then you could sue him civilly. But again, the cost of suing him would outweigh the cost to obtain replacement documents yourself.

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You're going to have to get replacement documents. Here are a few links to get you started:

To replace a Social Security card, see the instructions here:
To replace a birth certificate, you'll need to contact the Registrar of Vital Statistics (or equivalent office) in the state where you were born. In Oregon, that would be here:
To replace an Oregon identification card, you need to talk to the Department of Motor Vehicles, online at:

Which one you do first depends on what documents you still have in your possession. I would start with the birth certificate - that's bound to be on file.

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I agree with my colleagues - take the path of least resistance and replace your documents. Then get a safety deposit box at your local bank and keep the documents in the box that only you have access to. You should add at least one trusted family member to the signature card so if you die they can get into the box. (My guess is your ex didn't throw these documents out - but this is his way of getting back at you, one last way to try to manipulate and control you.)

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