What should I do if my attorney doesn't respond to phone calls or email made over a period of 3 weeks?

I started divorce proceedings in March 2011. We have adult children, no debt, married for 34 years. My husband is trying to manipulate the way he pays my half of the settlement. The amounts have been agreed upon. My attorney doesn't seem to be on task. How can I get this settled?

Dixon, KY -

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James W Claflin Jr

James W Claflin Jr

Family Law Attorney - Las Vegas, NV

Your attorney may be on vacation, in the middle of a huge trial, in the hospital, etc. but he or she has a duty to stay in touch with you, at least through an assistant. To get your attorney's attention, use the "B" word -- "Bar." Leave your attorney a voice message and send an email message saying that you are concerned that you have not received a response in 3 weeks and that you will go to the Kentucky State Bar if your attorney does not contact you within 1 business day. If you do not hear from your attorney, contact the Kentucky State Bar to ask if they know anything about it, and if not, to file a complaint against your attorney.

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