What should I do if I am being sued by the person that hit my car and won't admit it was his fault?

Asked over 4 years ago - Milwaukee, WI

I had a car accident 12 days ago where this guy backed on me and hit me, I had no major damages and his car just had a little scratch, police never showed up, he called to file an accident report, we exchange info I just want to know what he said to the police that day and decided to wait to call him. he has now called me twice, second time he called to let me know that he's now sueing me for not responding to his first call and because supposedly I am liable for not having insurance, what do I do now to get this guy out of my life, I feel harassed

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    Answered . Have an attorney write the person correspondence pointing out the fact that he is liable for his own damages as well as yours. Further, that any contact should go to the attorney and not to you. If this does not terminate the conduct simply ignore it. Your attorney should direct the person to look to his own insurance company to reimburse his damages.

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    Answered . To find out what the other driver said to the police you should get a copy of the police report. There should be a narrative in there where the officer has written what each witness/party said to him.

    Also, you should speak with a personal injury in your area and proceed that way. Evidently, the other driver is trying to work the system and get you to pay for the damages he has caused to himself.

    Both you and the car in front of you are victims of a hit and run. I assume you do not have any information about the vehicle that hit you. If true, then you should simply make a claim for uninsured motorist and proceed that way.

    I hope this helps-

    Nima Taradji

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