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What should I do if false reports were made against me to DCF?

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A girl and her boyfriend were living with my girlfriend of 7 years, daughter (now 7 months), and myself. She had cheated on her boyfriend, and days later moved out. She reported to DCF multiple times months between each other that I had used drugs, acted violently, and had people living with me not on my girlfriends lease. None of which was true except for room mates not being on the lease. I went to the Drug screening, passed the drug test and the screening. I signed a form of release from the program stating I do not have to take the program. The investigator called hours later stating she was not happy and imposed that I do the program anyways. I had read a paper stating I have the right to deny treatment and used that right. Now she is threatening to take me to court. What do I do?

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She can threaten all she wants. If there is insufficient information for them to shelter your child, or do a direct file, then there is nothing she can do. Let her threaten. They have to prove that you did something wrong, and it sounds as if you complied and showed that you did not. Sometimes the investigators are a little over the top. In any case, the standard is not simply drug use, but drug use that harms your child - either using around your child, or using in a manner that impairs your ability to care for your child. As to violent behavior, if all those people lived there, then surely someone else would have seen it. If you are still concerned, you have a right to get an attorney to represent you and to tell them to back off.

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