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What Should I do if a warning notice letter saying that I owe 8 grand over a car accident last year?

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So this is my story I was a unlicensed driver and I was involved in a car accident on 9/15/2012, it was raining I was going a lil fast and I crashed behind a 07 SUV. My car was totaled.. the other drivers car was not that bad but I was driving my boyfriends car it was insured and no one was injured, my car was towed and the opposite driver went on his way. So my boyfriends insurance told they weren't going to cover my car but will handle the other drivers loss so I was ok I guess and then a couple months later I started to get letters from the CCS warning notice saying I owe almost 9 grand to Allstate which is the others drivers insurance and saying if don't pay they will take legal action or take my license away(which I have one now). I don't have that kind of money, what should I do?

Also I've been trying to reach the insurance my boyfriend had on the car and I am waiting for a respond from them to see what happened.. just very confusing

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  1. If you cannot pay, there is little you can do now. Your real problems will start if you are sued. I would not respond to the letters as CCS is a collection agent and that will only draw more attention to you and make them think you have assets. If you do get sued, and they get a judgment against you, they can take your license away. If that happens, you can file bankruptcy and that will allow you to get your license back.

    Lawrence J. Marraffino
    Gainesville Banrkuptcy Lawyer

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  2. You can try to work out a payment plan.

  3. A payment plan is the best option.

    John Lassen 1-877-252-4630

  4. As a permissive driver of your boyfriend's car, regardless of your license status, you are insured under his contract of insurance. You do not state what Allstate is claiming the money is for. You need to find out why Allstate is claiming this money. Is it for property damage, medical expenses?

    You need to ask your boyfriend what extent of coverage he had. Review his insurance policy. Unfortunately, Florida only requires that you have property damage liability coverage to protect against a 3rd party claim. Your boyfriend may not have insured himself (and you) for bodily injury liability claims. Speak with your boyfriend's insurance carrier as soon as possible to find out exactly what has been done at their end.

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