What should I do about getting Staph from a hotel?

Asked 10 months ago - Kissimmee, FL

I checked into a hotel in Kissimmee about 4 weeks ago, upon my second day I noticed that the bathroom was not cleaned and had gentlemen's private parts hair in the shower. Also, there was hair and debris behind the bathroom door as well. I informed management and they cleaned the room. Since then about a week later I developed abscesses in my private locations on my body, I went to the ER and was diagnosed as having Staph/MRSA. Who do I need to contact to alert about this in Florida and should I seek an attorney for assistance should it have to go that far? I have read online that Staph/MRSA CAN BE captured from hotel showers, toilets and beds. Prior to checking in I was not in any area that is commonly known as Staph infected places like jails, hospitals, gyms, etc.

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Also, I have NEVER had Staph/MRSA in my life. So I know that this is not a recharge of the infection, like with Chicken Pox once you have it you have it. But like I said above I was not in the previous 30 days before checking into this hotel any place that would have made me a higher risk of catching this infection. I have not filed anything with the hotel, especially since the hotel is having a hard time refunding me for the first 2 nights of my stay over the room not being cleaned and sanitary to my expectations. Also, they never offered to move me because I was a "monthly guest" and I was in a room they put "monthly local residents" in.

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    Answered . Since staph is very common, I doubt that you could prove you caught it from the hotel. Just because things happen in time sequentially does not prove one caused the other. Without proof of causation, you would lose. So, in answer to the question: stay away from that hotel in the future, but a lawsuit would be pointless.

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    Answered . You can get it from anywhere, so a tough case to prove, but speak to a local lawyer nonetheless.

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    Answered . Consult the local health department, has this hotel been reported before? If so contact a personal injury attorney. Otherwise the case may be very difficult to prove.

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    Answered . Contact an attorney in your state and explain everything to him/her. These type of cases are difficult to prove but not impossible. Check local health records for any prior problems with this hotel.

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    Answered . You need to contact a local personal-injury attorney. With that said I think you may have significant problems proving that you contracted staph/MRSA from the hotel.

    You do not indicate where the staph/MRSA infection presented generally there needs to be an open wound and a source of infection.

    You should also get appropriate medical attention because staph/MRSA can be difficult to control.

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