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What should i do? how can i go about this? Can i sue him?

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so i was involved in a hit and run, car behind hit me, causing me to hit the vehicle in front, he then reversed and hit the car behind him. Everyone moved to the side to trade information. Once he (the drive that caused the accident) heard the police was on their way he then took off, I was then able to get very little information from the driver that he reversed into on him before he took off, but i got the license plate # and when i called the insurance card he had, they clam the car was reported sold.

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  1. Contact a lawyer immediately and give them the insurance card and the plate number to investigate. They can locate the registered owner and go from there.

  2. You have many options. First, I would suggest you obtain the police report. Second, you need to report this matter to your insurance company to see if you have uninsured/underinsured insurance coverage. If I were handling the case I would probably get my investigator to look into the facts a bit more. I recently had a case similar to this in Seattle and was able to get my client a great settlement from their own insurance policy. Generally when a client comes in to see me in a situation like this I will give them a free consultation. One other source of recovery for you might be victims of crime since you appear to be a victim of a hit and run driver. You need a lawyer, and you need one quick in situations like this the evidence can quickly disappear. Act Fast!

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  3. It is important that you contact an attorney as soon as possible to review all issues and to obtain any possible evidence. With the license plate number, your attorney would be able to determine the owner of the vehicle.

  4. If the car was truly stolen, was there a report filed prior to the accident? It sounds strange that a guy who just stole a car would even stop for an accident as opposed to flee the scene. I mean, think about it, why would a guy who stole a car even stop and risk getting identified in a car he just stole? Is this a car thief with a modicum of morality? I doubt it, and I suspect mthe owner of the car is spinning this tale to avoid responsibility because he may not have insurance. If this the case, then you will need to turn this in to your own carrier under your uninsured motorist coverage. When we handle these types of cases, we make sure to investigate the at fault owners claim the car was stolen, because most of the time it is just a story the owner is spinning on the hope they can avoid responsibility for their negligence. Finding the truth and exposing it is very important in these cases to preserve your rights under your underinsured motorist policy.

  5. Sounds fishy. Retain a local car accident lawyer to investigate.

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