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What should I do?

Bel Air, MD |

Ok so I have a perfect driving record, I drove home from the bar at about 130 i had a few drinks my friend needed a ride so i left home take him home. On my way home after dropping him off, I got cut off by another driver, lost control of my vehicle slammed into a light pole. I got taken to the hospital. State trooper had the hospital take 2 blood samples at about 445 because I told him I had a few drinks. The trooper had me write a statement saying that I got cut off by another vehicle. He did not issue me any tickets at the hospital. The driver who cut me off, drove off and I will never find out who it was. What should I do?

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Hire the very best DWI lawyer in your area, immediately. Waiting means that evidence is being lost. Police do not preserve all evidence. They only keep evidence of guilt. Make sure your lawyer is a blood DWI lawyer, trained and experienced in gas chromatography. Not just any lawyer will do.

Good luck!

Kelly W. Case


This is fairly typical of MSP Bel Air. I have a similar case pending in Harford County where my client was "told" to go to the hospital even though he didnt "really" think he needed to go, had blood drawn after "consent" per DR-15A & was charged 2 months later (after the Trooper obtained his BAC from the hospital). You should contact an attorney ASAP to discuss the situation. Your recollection of your conversation with the Trooper could be crucial to your defense. I am available to speak with you today, or will be in Bel Air District Court, room 1, Monday @ 9:00 am if you'd like to meet me.

Please be advised that this response does not constitute "legal advice," nor does it create an attorney-client relationship. You should seek counsel of an attorney before taking any actions or deciding not to take any actions.


You know exactly what you have to do. Get an attorney now! You already admitted you drank. You already agreed to write a statement with the admission. They took your blood all with your cooperation. Did any Trooper actually see you behind the wheel? You need a great attorney in your area to get to work on this now. Please, do not help the Trooper any more. He will be knocking on your door when he brings you your blood results, takes away your license and issues you your temporary license. They do not care about the "phantom" vehicle you allegedly got cut off by. No statements to police ever! Good Luck.


Unless you receive citations, there is nothing for you to do. However, be careful during the interview with your insurance company, because the state might use those statements against you. If you receive citations, you should seek counsel, who is experienced handling dui cases.

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