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What should I do?

San Diego, CA |

Following a vehicle accident I refused to go to the E.R. but less than a few hours later I got convinced to have myself checked then refused any extensive care. But the following. Day I feel like literally got ran over, now what should I do?

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  1. Go to your doctor and seek the medical help he or she provides. Keep a copy of all your medical receipts on the chance that you might need to prove your medical damages at some point later.

  2. The most important thing a person should do after an automobile accident is to take care of his or her health. Go to your doctor, get a complete evaluation, and check to see if you are simply experiencing muscle soreness or if you have a more serious injury requiring medical treatment.

    After you have attended to your immediate medical needs, then I recommend you consult with a personal injury attorney for guidance regarding the handling of any possible claim you may have against the driver of the other car for your property damage or for your medical expenses.

    I wish you the best of luck and hope that you have a speedy recovery.

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  3. I strongly recommend that you see a local attorney and ask for a referral to a local doctor who will see you right away. Your later onset of symptoms is entirely normal, however the insurance company for the car that was at fault will undoubtedly try to use any slowness of the onset of pain as a dodge on causation. You need to document your injuries for your claim right away, but you really need to get the right care as soon as possible. What you do now will shape the timing of your recovery and the posture of your claim. The reasonableness of your treatment will be a big issue in your claim, and you should make sure that you have the care that you need by a medical provider who is willing and able to describe the full nature and extent of your injuries. Good luck,
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  4. You should definitely get the medical care your doctor recommends. This is important both for your own health and well-being, as well as for documenting your injuries for a possible personal injury claim. Follow your doctor's orders and get the recommended course of treatment. After you have been treated, contact a personal injury attorney in your area to determine if you have a claim for your injuries from whoever is responsible for the accident.

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