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Ok on july 27 2010 i was on my way home from work when a semi truck struck my car on the left rear(we were both heading north on the same road he was in the fast lane i was in the slow) my car pushed me in to a walgreens drive and continued on down the road when i finally got him stoped he said he felt nothing the police arrived and cited him for failure to maintain lane ... a week later his insurance called me and told me they we not accepting liability due to conflicting statements now i have a car with the driver side rear quater panel all messed up. should i sue the driver of the truck or the company he drives for

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ok i have liability insurance and have already filed a claim with his insurance

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  1. Kevin W Conner


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    Answered . I am an attorney in Washington state but I assume the answer would be the same in your state. You will need to sue the real party in interest which means the driver and you would also want to sue his employer under the doctrine of respondeat superior. However, if you have insurance you may want to turn this in to them and they will fix your car (minus your deductible) and fight with the other side for you. The only problem with this besides your deductible is that this may count as a filed claim on your internal record with your insurance company and may affect future rates.

  2. David H. Burns


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    Answered . You should hire an attorney to negotiate with the insurance company or to file suit on your behalf if the claim cannot be settled. Georgia has a 2-year statute of limitations, i.e., time limit for bringing a lawsuit related to an automobile collision.

  3. Houston Dillard Smith III

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    Answered . Ultimately you will make claims and/or need to file suit against the semi company. You didn't mention what constituted the conflicting testimony but all witnesses will be deposed and only after sworn testimony will the be a determination if there is a conflict. My law firm handles cases against semi truck. Feel free to call me with any additional questions.

  4. Nima Taradji

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    Answered . You will have to sue both.

    But before that- have you made a claim with your own insurance? The way it works is that once you make a claim with your own insurance (assuming you do have more than just liability insurance) they will fix your car. You will pay your deductible. Then your insurance will look to see who they can go after to recoup the moneys they have spend and in all likelihood, will make a claim with the trucks's insurance company. If they prevail in their claim, you will get your deductible back.

    That woud be the easiest way to approach this.

    I hope this helps-

    Nima Taradji

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