What should i answer to this question for a background check for a new job if i had a Dui?

Asked 9 months ago - Crystal Lake, IL

Have you ever been convicted, pled "guilty" or "no contest" or otherwise admitted guilt (including participation in first time offender program) as an adult to any felony or misdemeanor?

Dui was more than 2 yrs ago resulted in court supervision and marked as "stricken off" in court records

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    Answered . You have to answer yes because you plead guilty. It will show up in a background check.

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    Answered . You have to tell the truth and if you were court supervised you either pleaded guilty or were found guilty whether it was stricken from the record or not. Hope that's helpful

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    Answered . Be honest and deal with it head on. Hopefully
    It was your only incident and your employer should not think it is that big of a deal.

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    Answered . Seems like this question is extremely specific. They want to know everything. If you were held responsible. If you lie and they do a background check, it will be disastrous.

    I'd answer as truthfully as possible which would be admitting the disposition.

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