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What selection should I choose on traffic ticket? Should I mitigate or contest?

Redmond, WA |

I live in Washington State and was ticketed for speeding. Since I had no traffic violations within the last 7 years I asked for a deferral, which I was granted due to my good driving history. Unfortunately, I have been ticketed again this time for going through a red left hand turn light. The officer was empathatic with situation but ticketed me anyway.

He did however mention that I should have the judge hear my situation. My question is should I choose a mitigation hearing or should I contest the ticket claiming that I am not guilty of the infraction?

If I choose the mitigation hearing the ticket says I agree that I am guilty and it will go on my record. My goal is for the judge to allow me to continue with deferred sentence for speeding and make another finding on my current ticket

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    Contest the infraction so that you give yourself a chance to keep the ticket off your record and from hurting your deferred.

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  2. If you mitigate your deferred ticket will be reinstated, therefore if it is important to maintain a spotless record , such as a commercial driver should have then you would be well served to pay a experinced traffic attorney to handle the ticket as contested.
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  3. If you wish to keep your prior ticket that you deferred off your record, you cannot mitigate it. Mitigating a tciket is admitting you committed the infraction but simply want the fine reduced by explaining some of the circumstances. Your only option is to contest the ticket. I would definately hire an attorney to handle this for you. It will be worth the fee to keep that prior ticket and your current one off your record.

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