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What's the total cost to file for bankruptcy including attorney fee and filing fee?

Portland, OR |

I want to file for bankruptcy but don't know where to start at the low cost.

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  1. Start by consulting with one or more experienced bankruptcy attorneys. While the filing fee is a definite sum, the cost of legal fees will vary from one attorney to the next. Be careful of lawfirms that quote a flat fee in your first phone call without knowing anything about your case. The only reliable fee information will come from an attorney that completes a full case review and carefully identifies all of the legal issues.

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  2. It varies by attorney, and the cost of your case. I personally charge $1,500 for a chapter 7 bankruptcy. That includes the filing fee that the court charges, of $306 - I pay this cost for you. I believe this fee is about comparable to other attorneys in the area, but feel free to shop around. You can read more about this process here:

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  3. I agree that it is difficult to quote a fee without knowing more about your specific case. Fortunately, most bankruptcy attorneys, including our office, offer free consultations. I encourage you to schedule a consultation with an attorney so that you can review your individual circumstances and get information tailored just for you.

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  4. I think it is important to meet in person with an attorney and go over your case. Many attorneys (including myself) offer free initial consultations. This is to go over your individual case and your specific situation. Over the years, I have had many clients ask me how much a bankruptcy is as they "have a simple case."I think it does a disservice to the potential client to shoot out numbers without knowing the situation. There can be a lot of factors going in to a case such as: Garnishment, Priority Tax Issues, Asset Planning, Exemption Planning, Means Testing, Reaffirmations, Redemption, Whether you qualify for Ch7 or Ch13, Which Chapter best resolved your individual situation, whether there needs to be lien avoidance motions - to name a few. It's like calling a doctor and asking how much a surgery is. The doctor could probably tell you what an average surgery costs, but the doctor would want to fully diagnose you in person first before operating. It is no different for a lawyer. I want to make sure my clients get the best result possible for their individual situation. Make sure that before you move forward you fully understand the up and downs of your individual situation with whichever attorney you hire. For most people that file bankruptcy this is the single biggest financial restructuring they will ever do, they have done everything they can to stay out of bankruptcy, and in general they are a very nervous or scared about the procedure. Best of luck.

  5. I am one of few Portland-area BK attorneys who charge by the complexity of your case. IF your case is simple my fee is $700. My average fee is $1100. Check out my website at for more details and the intake form. Then give me a call: 503-201-8933

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