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What's the smartest way to beat a debt buyer who put judgement against on 4 yr old CR card debt? Pay, lawyer, chapter 7?

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Cancel a credit card 3/4 yrs ago due to hardship and changes in privacy statement(adding anually fees). The agreement over the phone with asst. was to cancel card, stop use, make monthly payments of any $ amount can afford. Just to keep paying. No fees/interest will be added. Sure thing fees/interest up the ying yang. Called to see why and to fix it. No and misinformed and I need to make payments to keep from added fees. So I told them I'm not going to pay then. They can take me to court. After yrs of harassment from collectors. The 2nd buyer I spoke with I told them the same thing. Now the 3rd buyer CACHE LL want to sue me for $4700. I only have 15 days left to reply and make a decision. I go to court in a month. i have no assets but a job that supports 2 kids. What to do to beat this?

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    If the suit is filed "on sworn account" as I suspect it has been, you can file a sworn denial. This will force the plaintiff to put on proof as to your liability and the amount you owe. A good consumer attorney may be able to help have the case dismissed if they are unable to bring proof forward.

    As pointed out by others, if you have significant other debt a bankruptcy might be your best bet.

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  2. You wrote, "What's the smartest way to beat a debt buyer who put judgement against on 4 yr old CR card debt? Pay, lawyer, chapter 7?"

    A: Consult a lawyer who does bankruptcy and has consumer law expertise.

  3. Somehow I doubt this is your only debt, so chapter 7 bankruptcy is will probably be the least hassle, least expensive way of dealing with it.

  4. You need to hire an attorney that focuses on defending consumers in situations like yours. In short, CACH, LLC does not even have standing to commence litigation in Tennessee. However, they do ALL OF THE TIME and generally, they win because consumers default or don't have counsel. Moreover, with this many assignees in the purported chain of title, it is extremely unlikely that they could meet their evidentiary burden in order to prevail.

    Still, you need an attorney that knows what they are doing.

    An aside, is Buffaloe & Associates representing them? My guess is yes.

    Jason Barnette
    Barnette Law Offices
    309 Hollow Tree Court
    Nashville, Tennessee 37221

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