What's the sentence for felony man. of marijuana w/ intent to distribute? Can we use the first time offenders? Will it help?

Asked over 4 years ago - Bogart, GA

About four months ago I was at work and a search warrant was served on my home and 110 marijuana plants and some packaged marijuana was found in my home. My wife was at home, questioned, and arrested for manufacturing with intent to distribute.
She admitted to the growing because my job has been GREATLY reduced to to the fact that illegal immigrants have taken over my field of work and income to pay our bills and taxes were needed and she took full responsibility declaring i had nothing to do with it. We hired an attorney and are awaiting trail.
When i returned home i found a copy of the search warrant and was personally contacted by the arresting officer face to face and was told to turn myself in after posting bail for my wife, i did as i was asked. What is our best option?

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  1. Woodrow Scott Smith

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    Answered . With 110 plants you are likely looking at jail time. Manufacture of marijuana is 1-10 years. You would be elidgible for 16-13-2 (drug first offender) or regular first offender. It will be up to the judge to decide to let you enter a plea to first offender (and assuming you have little to no criminal history).

  2. Lee William Fitzpatrick

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    Answered . Your best option is to hire an attorney, and since you and your wife may have conflicting postions (if it's hers and not yours), you may be better served each having your own attorney. That many plants can equal some serious jail time, don't wait to get someone working on this for you.

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