What's the process for appealing my immigration visa denial?

I'm not sure why I was denied, and don't know how to find out. .

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Wolf W Kaufmann

Wolf W Kaufmann

Immigration Attorney - Anaheim, CA

Visa application denials cannot be appealed. In some cases the denial of petitions, waivers or other supplemental things can be appealed. In visa cases, all that remains is to re-apply or seek consular review of the denial, which is completely discretionary and usually hopeless.

Wolf W. Kaufmann
Southern California Immigration Attorney

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Jeffrey Adam Devore

Jeffrey Adam Devore

Immigration Attorney - West Palm Beach, FL

What appellate options depend upon what type of visa you were applying for and where the application occurred. Consult with an experienced immigration attorney for case specific advice.

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Robert West

Robert West

Immigration Attorney - Las Vegas, NV

Where denied? Who petitioned you? You may not be able to appeal

Neil Ian Fleischer

Neil Ian Fleischer

Immigration Attorney - Cincinnati, OH

If you visa was denied at the US consulate you can not appeal. This is knownw as the doctricne of consular non review-ability

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