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What's the pension letter the immigration ask for from my I-864 co-signer and How to get it ?

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My mother in law is signing for us the I-864 form ,because my husband is unemployed right now, and I don't have a work permit, she gets her money from the social security and pension, she just filed her taxes and her total income was above the poverty line, what should i get from her besides the recent tax return ? do i need some kind of letter that she gets pension and How to get it ?

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A letter from the government agency issuing the pension as to the monthly amount, etc., as well as proof of her US citizenship (either certified copy of her U.S. birth certificate or copy of valid US passport, or copy of Naturalization Certificate, if applicable), as well as her most recent Federal Tax Return (Form 1040).

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Tax return and proof of citizenship is usually sufficient.

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One note of caution. Make sure that your mom meets 125% of the poverty guidelines when counting the total members in the household PLUS one for an intending immigrant.

Check out this post on I-864 issues:

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I agree with my colleague that tax return is often sufficient, but if the officer asked for it, then provide it. For the pension, you will need to show some proof of the pension. Your mother probably has documents telling her how much her pension is and for how long she will receive it. Make copies and submit them. If she has no such documents, she should call her former company's HR department and ask for a letter or other document verifying her pension.

You should always consult with an experienced immigration attorney to make certain that the advice you received is appropriate for your particular immigration case.


The tax return and its attachments should suffice to prove her income.

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