What's the meaning of "Class (If Applicable)" on the Case Receipt Notice letter from USCIS? I feel confused!

Asked about 2 years ago - Jersey City, NJ

I filed an application to USCIS to change my status from H4 to F1, and got receipt letter shows that "the case I submitted has been received by USCIS for the following applicants and is in process:", belowing that are some personal info such as name, birthday, etc. But there is one column called "Class (If Applicable)" shows H4, I don't know whether it's right or not. Should it be my current status(H4) or the status(F1) that I suppose to change to? Because if something wrong with the letter I have to contact USCIS immediately. Then I called to USCIS service twice and got different answers. One said for this situation I need to mail to the center to correct it to F1, another one said what the letter shows is right, it should be my current status. Is there anybody know what's right answer?

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    Answered . You status will NOT be F1 until that application is approved. How much time have gone by?

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    Answered . Your class at the moment is H-4 but you are changing status to F-1.

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    Answered . It shows your current class.

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