What's the meaning of " took row at stop sign"? If I go to a court, can I reduce my points?

Asked over 3 years ago - Denver, CO

what's the meaning of " took row at stop sign"? If I go to a court, can I reduce my points?

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  1. Stephen Clark Harkess

    Contributor Level 20

    Answered . If you enter into a plea agreement on the ticket, you are usually able to plead to a charge that carries fewer points or (sometimes) no points. Often the plea agreement is outlined on the ticket and you can accept it by signing the ticket and mailing in the fine. Some jurisdictions require that you appear in court in order to receive any type of change to the charge. If there is a plea outlined on the ticket, most jurisdictions won't offer a better deal at court because they don't want to encourage people to fight the ticket. They will usually offer the same deal if you appear.

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  2. Linda Jane Chalat


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    Answered . To answer your question about the meaning of "row" - this is an abbreviation of "right of way" implying that you took the irght of way when it was not proper to do so.

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  3. V. Iyer

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    Answered . Ms. Chalat is right as to what is Took ROW. It an Abbreviation for Took "right of way" that was for someone that had the right of way. Getting reduced points to a lesser charge will depend on your driving record. You have no right for a reduction to the charge. It is at the sound discretion of the Prosection. Plea bargains are done as a matter of practicality. Ask the Prosecutor if he or she will further reduce the points if you take a half or whole day defensive driving class.

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