What's the best way to beat a speeding in school zone ticket???

in rush hour traffic, mcgregor and winkler.

Fort Myers, FL -

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John Patrick Guidry II

John Patrick Guidry II

Criminal Defense Attorney - Orlando, FL

This is an easy question--you should hire a local traffic ticket attorney. Yes, I know you were looking for some other sort of, maybe technical answer, but the fact is that there are traffic law "specialists" out there that defend these cases each and every day. They've got ways of beating these things, trust me. However, it usually will cost you about $75-$150 to defend the ticket. It's been my experience that most traffic courts do not give an unrepresented citizen the benefit of the doubt, whereas the citizen that hires an attorney gets a better outcome. Go figure....

Good Luck,

Catherine Ann Drees

Catherine Ann Drees

Criminal Defense Attorney - Daytona Beach, FL

Mr. Guidry is correct..this is an area of the law that encompasses technical issues such as whether or not the speedometer used had been maintained correctly and the rules are so technical that even I with a physics degree have trouble understanding some of the material. You would definitely be behind the 8 ball. Also, as of Oct 1 of this year, if you are convicted you will take the points, higher insurance rates and a 4 hour defensive driving school...which just came about.
The money you will lose to higher insurance is ten times what you would pay an attorney...do a cost benefit analysis.

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