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What's next after divorce ( Have 10 years green card )

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My name is Melanie I have questions about what do I need to do next.

First I came to USA thru my ex husband
Came in filling fiancé visa, got married on October 2007 , remove the condition of permanent residence, end up having 10 yrs permanent resident ( green card)

After receiving the green card , things didn't work out pretty good bet me and my ex husband... We both finalize our divorce March 2010

I did made changes on my tax information from married to single but dunno what I need to do next in terms of my immigration status/ paper works... What do I need to do from here? I want to make sure everything will be fine when I file for U.S. Citizenship

This will be my fourth year here in the U.S. , when can I file for U.S. Citizenship?..

I will appreciate all the help. THANKS!!

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Since you already removed the condition from your lawful permanent resident status, your immigration status is no longer tied to your ex-husband. Just comply with all of the requisites for maintaining your lawful permanent resident status, and you can keep it indefinitely. As for citizenship, the general rule is that you can apply for citizenship after you have been a lawful permanent resident for five years. If you acquired that lawful permanent resident status through marriage to a U.S. citizen, then you can apply for citizenship after you have been a lawful permanent resident for three years.

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You can only apply for naturalization after 3 years if you are still married and living together with your husband. Since this is not the case, you can apply after you have been a permanent resident for 5 years.

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