What s next? If ice doesn't let him paid for a bail?

Asked almost 2 years ago - San Francisco, CA

ice dont let my brother to paid for a bail and he wiil have a hearing court soon, He just been transfer from a criminal jail he been there for 6 month. What's going to happen on he's next court hearing? Ice still have him on detencion.

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    Answered . No one on this blog, no matter how talented or esteemed, can help your brother through internet. At the next hearing the judge will ask your brother to enter a plea and offer him some time so he could find an immigration attorney. You should help your brother to utilize this opportunity and hire an immigration attorney.

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    Answered . Assuming your brother has a hold, he will be transferred to immigration detention. At that point, assuming he is not subject to mandatory detention, he can try to get bond and fight his case from the outside.

    Removal/Deportation Representation
    It is critically important that you get qualified and expert representation for the deportation/removal hearings. The Government will try to get the deportation issued. Neither the Immigration Judge, nor the Trial Attorney are there to help you. There are different forms of relief available which could result the granting of Lawful Permanent Residence. However, this requires large applications to be prepared and the necessity to prepare for trial. My firm has done this for several years, and if done properly, there is a very reasonable chance that it will be successful. If not done properly, the deportation order will be issued and your current way of living in the United States will end and you will either be on the run or be forcibly removed from the United States. 

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    Answered . You need a lawyer. Period. The lawyer will help your brother file a motion to redetermine bond with the judge. Your brother only gets one chance at this, unless something big changes in his circumstances. Hire the lawyer immediately and tell your brother to ask the judge to postpone the bond hearing until after his lawyer has a chance to prepare his case.

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    Answered . The best thing you can do is hire an immigration attorney for your brother

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    Answered . Not all detainees are eligible for bond. Depending on your immigration status and history of criminal convictions, you may be subject to mandatory detention which means that you will have to remain in detention while your removal case is pending . Visit my website for more information http://www.usimmigrationattorney.com/deportatio...

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    Answered . I agree with my colleagues, you are going to need the help of an immigration attorney. The first step would be for an attorney to go and visit him in detention, then to start work preparing for a bond hearing. When is his next hearing? What was his crime? Also, what is his immigration status - is he undocumented? Many of these questions will need to be answered to better determine what options are available, what the case will cost, and how difficult it will be.

    Feel free to call me tomorrow if you're still looking for an attorney, I'd be more than happy to speak with you for free.

    Either way, I wish you luck on your case.

    Otis C. Landerholm, Esq.

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