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What rights do we have when our lawer does not do what he is supposed to do?

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My family and myself were in a car accident. An attorney contacted us about representation. We went through the process and got a very small settlement. After the fact we got a collection notice from one of the medical bills. I called the attorney and was assured that the bill had been paid, they would speak to accounting. The collection agency called us a couple more times and we explained the situation. Attorney again said the bill had been paid. We did not hear anything for a while. My husband checked our credit and found the collection still on our report. I tried to contact the attorney, but it was disconnected. I found on line that he is in prison for tax evasion and also for taking money and not paying clients medical bills. Is there anything we can do?

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If the attorney is in prison, there is not much you can do to him than hasn't already been done.

In many states there are state funds for victims of crimes. You need to speak with an attorney who will be able to guide you as to what to do. This is an unfortunate situation which tarnishes the good work of many attorneys who work hard to protect the interest of their clients.

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You can contact your state bar to see if they is a client recovery fund.They may provide funds to pay your medical bills.

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In the state of Washington, we have to have a thorough disbursement accounting for all money involved in the settlement. If you do not have a copy of your disbursement in your personal file, ask his old office to provide it. What was paid to whom should be plainly delineated. If there is a line item to the medical provider for which the collection agency is collecting, it may be possible the money is still in the attorneys trust accountant. If you find specific documentation that you were the victim of a crime, contact the state bar association to see if there is a fund that might assist you as some states have.

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