What rights do students have when a College makes a mistake with tuition charges and financial aid refunds.

"" College (State University) made a registration error that did not charge students for a particular class. A single student (who announced the error during registration 1 month prior to tuition payment deadline) was charged for the deficit 2 months after tuition was due and financial aid had been refunded to students. Because of that persons inquiry into the 2 month late charge the school is now trying to back track and request payment from all students. Do the students have any thing to help back their case to not have to pay "back" the money the school already gave them or did not charge them?

Woodstock, GA -

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Ronald Edward Daniels

Ronald Edward Daniels

Car / Auto Accident Lawyer - Warner Robins, GA

Likely, no. Ultimately the students received a benefit--the education obtained through that course. Unless some documentation was given to the students essentially stating that they were "paid in full," then it is unlikely the school cannot collect the monies.

The school may, however, have to wait until the next semester and take the monies from the next loan disbursement period. I'm sorry you're in this situation and I'm sorry I could not provide better news.

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