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What rights do I have if my teacher inappropriately tells me I am mentally ill?

Seattle, WA |

Last year, I was withdrawn against my will from beauty school after 2 weeks because the staff assumed I was bipolar. For the 42.5 hours that I was in school, they are charging me $4729. Please help.

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    That's quite an assumption, Seattle. It suggests something more in your behavior at school. Your contract with the school is made up of the signed document itself, along with the other communications and papers involved with your enrollment. Gather all that together and contact either your family attorney or an education or contract attorney familiar with trade school matters. You can find someone to help you by using the Find a Lawyer link on this page.

  2. You don't have a successful lawsuit against the teacher. As to the school, a lawyer would have to read the contract you had with the school. Most have clauses stating that you will not get your money back if you are withdrawn after such and such date. Most also have a code of conduct and make it clear in their policy that they will not refund your money if you are kicked out for violating their code. Whether bipolar or not, you obviously exhibited some behavior that was troubling to them and they have an obligation at that point to put you out of the program for the safety/concerns of the staff and other students.

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