What rights do I have as a salaried, exempt employee?

I've been told I need to stay late every night without overtime. I don't mind working late from time to time, but every night is too much. Do I have any rights to say no to this? .

Bellevue, WA -

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Darrel S Jackson

Darrel S Jackson

Employment / Labor Attorney - Scottsdale, AZ

If you are truly exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act, then your employer can require overtime without providing extra pay. There are some industries that have rules that govern how many hours an employee may work. However, as a general rule, employers may require as many hours as they want. An employer that makes unreasonable demands on employees' time takes the risk that employees will quit, and attrition is costly for employers. In other words, for most employees, the threat of quitting is the only leverage. Good luck.

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